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I have always considered myself an artist. Making a picture, the complete immersion in hundreds of little decisions, gives my heart joy, heals the stresses of an intense public life, and lets me make visible my own personal world.


My drawings rarely remain simple. Sometimes they become drypoints, collotypes, or monotypes. It is fascinating to create a new world with its own new logic out of different fragments of reality. I use collage because piecing together bits of reality from different parts of my life seems to capture the complexity of my experience. At times, I use pieces of black and white photos to evoke past reality or color photos for present time, then embed them in drawings and prints. The picture space often follows a logic the pieces have dictated and helps more clearly express my emotional experience.

Picture making is transformative: I try to bring together observed and emotional reality into one imaginative, compelling image. I do art for my own happiness and to understand my life better. I want to share what I see and feel and hope my images can be personally meaningful to others.






Evening Star

Mixed Media



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