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New Guardian of the Golden Gate
New Guardians for the Golden Gate 

How America Got a Great National Park

New Guardians for the Golden Gate: How America Got a Great National Park is a compelling narrative of how Amy Meyer and a group of park advocates built upon 100 years of public land conservation and joined together to save the headlands of the Golden Gate for public use in perpetuity. The national campaign that began in Amy’s kitchen in 1970 stretched to Washington, D.C.. It had the focused activism of local conservationists and outstanding bipartisan efforts at every level of government by legislators who deeply cared. We now have an 80,000-acre national park. 


Available at: University of California Press, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy bookstores, Amazon and independent booksellers.

Rebels With A Cause

Trailer: 1:49

Rebels With A Cause

REBELS WITH A CAUSE retells the story of the schemers and dreamers who fought to keep developers from taking over the breathtaking landscape of the northern California coast. The documentary describes in fascinating detail how dedicated conservationists raised Californians’ awareness of their power to promote change.


Available for purchase. Click here.

Amy Meyer, Think Big - Environmental Elders Speak

Resource Renewal Institute (RRI) "Forces of Nature" series: Interviewer - Huey Johnson

Amy Meyer, Think Big - Environmental Elders Speak

She is a mother, a volunteer, guardian, author and rebel who thinks BIG. In 1970, Amy Meyer decided to dedicate her free time to preserve land that in 1972 would become the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Amy tells a story about her role in protecting one of the largest contiguous pieces of land surrounding a major urban area.

Earth Day Special - KQED QUEST

Duration: 26:47 in HD

Earth Day Special - KQED QUEST

Journey back in time with Amy Meyer and other conservationists to understand the birth of the Bay Area's environmental movement. Meet the everyday people who rescued the Bay Area from environmental disaster and continue to inspire a new generation.

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